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The Milo Chao Show is a biography podcast where we talk to remarkable creators about how they got here. In so doing, we hope to better understand the roots of creativity and how we all might nurture more in ourselves and those in our care.

Aug 24, 2019

We’re in a small sound booth at the Santa Monica headquarters of Headspace, the health company that guides people to mindfulness through meditation.

I’m here with Caroline Pay, currently Chief Creative Officer at Headspace. Caroline was Co-Chief Creative Officer at Grey London, considered one of the most creative agencies in what is arguably one of the most competitively creative cities in the world.

She has also led creative teams at BBH and Mother amongst others. I mention a few pieces of work that Caroline has done in the intro, from the highly acclaimed work for Levi’s, “Dangerous Liaison” to a short film she wrote with Chris Palmer, “The Boy with Chocolate Fingers.”  You can find most of her work on Vimeo here:

So, please enjoy. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave them. As always, if you care please share.