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The Milo Chao Show is a biography podcast where we talk to remarkable creators about how they got here. In so doing, we hope to better understand the roots of creativity and how we all might nurture more in ourselves and those in our care.

Jun 22, 2019

Jimmy Lam
Today we are joined by Jimmy Lam. He is the President of the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, one of the founders of Adfest and the Longxi International Chinese Language Creative Awards. He dedicates a lot of his time reinvigorating the Longyin Review magazine.
Jimmy offers up his wisdom on climbing up the ladder as quickly as possible. You’ll learn that hard work is never enough.
Jimmy explains the mechanics of a good idea. You’ll probably need to break a few bad habits after you hear what he has to say. Come and listen now.
Let’s go to the interview and find out how he got here.