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The Milo Chao Show is a biography podcast where we talk to remarkable creators about how they got here. In so doing, we hope to better understand the roots of creativity and how we all might nurture more in ourselves and those in our care.

Jun 28, 2019


Welcome to the Cao& Chao Show, a podcast where we talk to remarkable creators about how they got here.

Mayan recently became the Chief Creative Officer of the newly formed Wunderman Thompson APAC. He has been with J. Walter Thompson, one of the finest agencies in the world and one of the top agencies in China, for 23 years, an astounding number considering how often people move around in this industry.

When you walk into the JWT office one of the first things you notice is the sheer number of awards the office has won. Mayan won China’s first Clio as well as China’s first Grand Prix at Cannes. He was also the first Chinese person to head a jury at Cannes.

Tom Doctoroff, former CEO of JWT once said of Mayan, “he is the teacher. His wisdom has inspired generations of communications people in China across more than twenty years. He has defined the creative voice of China. His understatement and his perceptiveness, not to mention his talent has been the fuel of JWT for two decades.”

Mayan has gotten some of the most awarded ideas out of his teams. We talk about how he is able to do that. He doesn’t believe award shows are the most important measure of achievement these days. 

Let’s go to the interview find out how he got here.