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The Milo Chao Show is a biography podcast where we talk to remarkable creators about how they got here. In so doing, we hope to better understand the roots of creativity and how we all might nurture more in ourselves and those in our care.

Jul 13, 2019

Hello Everyone. And welcome to the Cao & Chao Show. A podcast where we talk to remarkable creators about how they got here.

Today we speak with Tomaz Mok, the second of the four godfathers of advertising in Mainland China that we’ve had on the show.

Tomaz’ advertising career spans more than 45 years. 35 of those years were spent at one agency, McCann Erickson, the same agency that figures prominently in the final season of Mad Men.

I would say that McCann probably has one of the best tag lines ever in advertising, “Truth well told.” (almost quaint in our post-truth world.)

During his reign at McCann, he helped companies like General Motors, Coca-Cola and Nestle become household names and won every award possible for his efforts.

You’d think Tomaz would be retired by now, enjoying the spoils of a glorious career, but no.

After retiring from McCann, he started his own agency, Match, a move he had never planned for but relishes all the same.

In conversation with Tomaz, he reveals his secrets to a long and successful career in advertising.

  • Making right decision from start
  • Taking on a hobby
  • Balancing material and spiritual

He busts the myth that you have to be a dick to make it in the ad business – or at least provides an alternative pathway.

We also go on a journey with him as he returns to his 65, 55, 45, and 35 year old self to give advice to - himself.

To his 35 year old self he advised him to focus more on emerging technology.

To his 45 year old self he advised himself to focus more on the value of money.

So please join me on a journey through the spiritual life of Tomaz Mok, A Monk Amongst Madmen.